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PuraVida and Starck by Duravit

PuraVida and Starck by Duravit
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Duravit has participated in the project

Black and white is a classic colour contrast. It stands for pure opposites and elegant timelessness. In an intriguing combination of architecture and interior design, the duo continues to reinvent itself. After all, the aesthetics of abstraction have many facets. The more limited the colour palette, the greater the importance of high-quality materials and finishes. High-gloss décors create extravagant highlights against a black-and-white backdrop. This strong contrast creates a sense of calm within a room. In the bathroom, black furniture finishes are the ideal combination with classic white ceramics.
With his furniture series, Philippe Starck uses the contrast of light and dark to create something purely aesthetic. The vanity units in high-gloss black with their spacious drawers can be combined with both Starck 1 vanity basins and wash bowls from the new Starck 2 line. The black base celebrates the organic form of the new Starck 2 models and places the spotlight firmly on the flowing silhouette. A distinctive feature of the Starck pieces of furniture is an elegant aluminium edge with integrated lettering that complements the monochrome colour palette to perfection.
The stylish black painted finishes of the PuraVida furniture harmonise particularly well with white ceramics and give the interior a unique, high-quality look. PuraVida is all about gentle forms and an understated elegance. The curved recessed handles of the drawers reflect the flowing lines. The flash of colour within the recess emphasises the glossy black finish. Ceramics may shine in pure white but black introduces a highly individual look. Vero is the only bathroom range by Duravit to have a washbasin, toilet and bidet in black. Straight-lined and timeless, this classic with its pure form is perfect for black-and-white colour schemes. Thanks to the distinctive design and angular basic shape, Vero Black combines purism with living aesthetics.

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