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Pur by Targetti

Pur by Targetti
By Editorial Staff -
Pur is a winning synthesis of extremely proportionate volumes coming together to assume a sculptural image that makes the fixture immediately recognisable: the forms designed by Daniel Bernard are compact and pure with defined lines and sharp edges.
The surface of the Tytan Grey version is covered by a dense texture with a metallic sheen that enhances the volumetric beauty, accentuating its silky reflections; the finishes in Plaster White and Deep Black, conceived to blend in with the architecture, are stylishly opaque.
Every functional element is hidden or harmoniously inserted in the overall design of the fixture; every construction detail was carefully studied: the glass that closes the cone is perfectly flush in order to heighten the formal consistency of the entire optic chamber, and is enriched by an elegant contrasting black serigraphy; there is no screw in sight.
The plastic used, Ryton enriched with glass fibre, has excellent resistance to shock, wear and high temperatures, even over extended periods of time, a high capacity to preserve dimensional stability and excellent electric insulating properties. These characteristics make Pur reliable over time and also very compact to the eye and touch.
The same attention placed on the choice of materials was also dedicated to the performance of the fixtures.
All the Pur projectors are equipped with EMR optics (Elliptical Mirror Reflectors), the innovative reflectors conceived by Targetti whose thousand facets with ellipsoidal convexity ensure unrivalled quality of the light emitted: the beam is soft, perfectly diffused and, at the same time, extremely accurate in all its expressions (SP, FL, MWFL and WFL).
The eight different optics available have been accurately adjusted according to the characteristics of the sources available, halogen max 100W and metal halide from 35 to 70 W.
The advantages of Pur’s optic chamber are completed by new types of anti-glare spill rings, especially tailored to the different lamps and reflectors, capable of guaranteeing exceptional control of the resulting light effect and outstanding visual comfort.
The halogen versions of the Pur projectors are equipped with an on-board dimmer positioned on the back of the fixture. The different atmospheres that they create are signalled by a small LED, whose luminosity varies in relation to the intensity of the flow emitted.
The versatility of the fixture increases even further by the use of numerous accessories, such as UV STOP, diffusive and coloured filters.
The adjusting system with Allen screws makes the precision of the aiming reliable and durable, while the simplicity is assured by a graduated scale on the power supply unit.
Maintenance, which is very important in retail stores, is quick and safe: no tools are needed for the relamping; a simple movement of rotation and pressure on the glass allows for the extraction of the front; the ring and optic, once extracted, remain secured to the body of the fixture thanks to a steel safety cable.
Another important advantage of this new fixture is its price, which is very competitive while not compromising on design, performance and reliability.
Pur is completely made in Italy: each manufacturing phase is performed in Targetti’s Florence factory.

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