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Pulsar by Mosaico +
By Editorial Staff -
Colour, 3D, high-end technology, and industrial design come together and are brought to life in Cronus. It is the epitome of the beauty and originality of a Made in Italy project.
Brilliant surfaces, designed by starting at the basic element of a tile, breathe life into compositions that are agile but at the same time moderate and refined. They are suitable for residential and public spaces, and express the energy of contemporary living.
These are three-dimensional mosaics made of sintered glass with sophisticated textures.
Light refraction gives off changing visual effects. The surfaces are tilted at a variety of angles depending on each design and tile thickness.
The sintered glass that is featured in the the collection designed by Giugiaro Design is highly resistant.
It is obtained by the grinding and compression of recycled glass, via a production system that has a low environmental impact. Crono is available in 10 solid colours. The patterns and geometries are completely customizable in order to fulfill your creative needs.

Pulsar has 4 layouts. The tiles are arranged on a sheet according to different geometric patterns. The sinteredglass mosaic consists of 6 mm-thick tiles in the 21.5 x 10.5 mm format. They are mounted on a glass fibre net to form different-sized sheets, depending on the layout: 312x312 mm / 323x323 mm / 316x327mm. The tiles have singular joints, making grouting unnecessary.

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