Prue e Stiva by Azzurra Ceramica
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Prue e Stiva by Azzurra Ceramica

Prue e Stiva by Azzurra Ceramica
By Editorial Staff -
Among the accessories, one of the exciting new items is the bidet seat cover: a functional piece that improves the overall aesthetic of the fixtures by harmonising the bidet and the toilet, which is differentiated from what is available for redesign of the fixtures. Azzurra has created a bidet seat cover that perfectly matches the toilet seat cover, thereby offering additional seating in the bathroom while also improving use of the bidet (water drains out of the overflow hole while the porcelain is never cold and stays cleaner). The Prua collection comprises a floor-mounted toilet and bidet, a wall-mounted toilet and bidet, a 90 cm wall-mounted washbasin and a 60 cm floor-mounted washbasin. Stiva vanities are constructed in natural or matt white oak and can be custom-designed to customer specification. The toilets in the Prua collection are also designed to meet Water Saving specifications. The world water shortage is one of the most important issues today yet still gets very little attention in sanitary ware design, especially in Italy. To do its part, Azzurra has included this concept as an absolute priority since 2010 when it developed this project. Azzurra has designed a system that guarantees only 3 litres of water are used in each flush from its wall- and floor-mounted toilets, if paired with cisterns available in the company catalogue.
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