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Pergotenda Move - Protection, comfort and movement

Pergotenda Move - Protection, comfort and movement
By Editorial Staff -
Corradi has participated in the project

Corradi’s outdoor lines are the fruit of careful research into materials and design. End-user needs are catered for by these comfortable, long-lasting, personalized outdoor environments, in which research into form, pleasing looks and product quality are the designers’ leitmotifs.
Corradi’s Pergotenda is a sliding-roof system by which the comfort and privacy of the home can extend out of doors at all seasons of the year, since all sides may be closed off with sliding glass panels and the vertical closing mechanism Ermetika.
Today Pergotenda is presenting a new version, Pergotenda Move, which introduces some new spatial layouts as well as a multisensory environment.
Anchored to a wall for support, Move has two joints in its pillars enabling the roof angle and front tilt to alter as conditions require. With its maximum overhang of 650 cm, Move can be mounted on two, three or four runners, achieving a span of 400, 800 or 1200 cm respectively.
Inside Pergotenda Move comfort is ensured by an aluminium brise-soleil to shield the front side. Dimmable LED lighting set directly into the pillars, music speakers and perfume diffusers contribute to an atmosphere of relaxation and wellbeing.
The sliding Eclissi roof in weather-proof, self-extinguishing PVC (class 2 fire reaction) protects from rain and UV rays, reduces the solar radiation and, with its inner film, hides from view the deposits that form on the material in the course of time. It is also available in the strengthened version Eclissi Plus which guarantees greater resistance to weathering.
The structure is in aluminium alloy painted anthracite grey, white or titanium, and in anodised aluminium in the colour alternatives of alu-inox and bronze.
The Eclissi roof may be grey, white or ivory; Eclissi Plus comes in white.


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