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By Editorial Staff -
Pimar has participated in the project

Pimar incessant R&D work has inspired the creativity of Gumdesign, the Tuscan duo active in the fields of architecture, industrial design, graphic design and art direction, composed of designer and graphic artist Laura Fischi and architect Gabriele Pardi. Thus, Prospettive was born, a contemporary interior design project on display at The Italian Stone Theatre, a hall that brings together Italian research, experimentation, stone and technologies. The theme of the 2018 edition is Acqua e Pietra (Water and Stone). The itinerary through the exhibition exalts the way water and lithic materials communicate with one another in hospitality and wellbeing facilities. These two elements, in fact, have always interacted, from the natural constitution of rocks to its transformation by man. Needless to say, Pimar takes pride of place in the hall reserved to Italian excellence in the use of stone. In the “Liquido, solido, litico” (“Liquid, solid, lithic”) section curated by Raffaello Galiotto, the Salento-based company showcases an innovative project that reveals the relationship between man and nature from an instrumental perspective, i.e., illustrating the way machines are used to create and produce harmonious interior design solutions arising from the stone. Prospettive is comprised of a modular bookcase and a table, seemingly commonplace articles but created, in this particular case, according to the theme of how perspective changes the structural sense of the elements depending on how you look at the work. Seen from the side, the surfaces forming the bookcase and the table, follow the shape of an elongated right-angled triangle. The bookcase may be composed as a function of specific customer needs, thanks to the modular construction of the shelves and the interior and exterior uprights. With Prospettive, Pimar showcases the great ductility of natural limestone, which can be worked as a function of the artist needs. The relationship between water and stone, the overarching theme of the exhibit, can be appreciated in all of its force in this project: how the water smoothens, deforms and fashions the stone, thus in Prospettive the action of man - like water - generates forms that are soft and yet, at the same time, clear-cut and precise.

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