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Productivity investments

and environmental protection

Productivity investments
By Redazione The Plan -
AGC Flat Glass has participated in the project

AGC Flat Glass Italia, in Cuneo, recently inaugurated a new furnace following a three-month long cold repair process. The benefits will be numerous: increased productivity, improved environmental protection and a boost to the renewal of an improved product range. This is all part of a world-class pilot project - Factory of the Future - based on the collection, standardization and reprocessing of production data to boost knowledge of every step so as to optimize performance. The Cuneo AGC plant supplies the domestic and overseas markets, with a float line producing glass 3 to 25 mm thick. This makes a significant array of products possible, including Planibel Linea Azzurra, a light azure glass that is exceptionally easy to process. Performance and neutrality gains will also be possible. The new furnace will be used to make Planibel Clearlite, a clear 3 to 6 mm glass, with low iron content that guarantees excellent light and energy performance. The plant has a further four advanced lines for silvered (mirror) glass, satin-finish glass, a system for layered security glass and a magnetron coater that is used exclusively for SMART solar protection and Clearsight anti-reflex glass. The project will boost output dramatically, but cut energy consumption by 25%. Thus, it will improve performance and product quality, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



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