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Production capacity for laminates at the Egger plant in Gifhorn expanded by 20%

Production capacity for laminates at the Egger plant in Gifhorn expanded by 20%
By Redazione The Plan -
The new line was commissioned at the Lower Saxony plant at the beginning of 2012. This significantly increased the plant's production capacity by a total of 20%. The company has created 20 new jobs with the new laminate press. 
Just as in 2007, Egger has taken another step in the extension of the Gifhorn plant by investing in the new lamination line and peripheral equipment for the Lower Saxony plant. This increases the annual production capacity in Gifhorn by 4.5 million m2 (48.4 million square feet) to around 27.0 million m2 (290.6 million square feet). A new warehouse with 1,900 m2 (20,451 square feet) of floor space is also being built over the coming months in order to meet rising customer requirements in terms of logistics.
The new line from the company Hymmen was designed to meet specific Egger requirements. Not only does this make it possible to increase the production volume, but ergonomically optimised new jobs were also created. The investment meets the steadily increasing demand for Egger laminates. “With the new laminate press, we are improving our flexibility in order to better meet market requirements,” explains Monika Wiora, Plant Management Sales in Gifhorn. 220 people are currently working at the Gifhorn plant with production seven days a week.

Laminate As A Core Competency
Laminates have been part of the Egger product range for more than 20 years already. They combine high resistance and an attractive design. The multi-layer composition and the materials that are used guarantee high surface quality across all decors. Not only are Egger laminates the perfect complement to the Zoom decor and texture combinations, they also constitute versatile materials for various applications beyond classic furniture construction and interior design, for example in the door industry, trade fair and shop fitting or the shipbuilding and car industries. Egger offers various grades of laminates for numerous areas of application, with thicknesses ranging from 0.15 mm (0.006”) to 1.20 mm (0.047”). Laminates are also available in custom lengths.

Egger laminates are offered in the following versions:

- Laminates Med – standard quality in the Zoom collection
- Laminates Flex – for special post-forming requirements
- Laminates Flammex – low-flammability laminates
- Real aluminium laminates – with a real aluminium surface
- Laminates W1001 – solid-colour laminates
- Laminates for coating – used in special applications

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