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Private Flat
By Editorial Staff -
Vimar has participated in the project
Vimar’s By-me home automation system was installed in a flat in Busto Arsizio to control and coordinate the various systems. The rooms in the flat are quite large, although the more open-plan day area is more spacious than the intimate, smaller bedroom zone. In each of the two areas, one of Vimar’s 10-in multimedia touch screens was installed to control energy consumption, automation, temperature, lighting and sound in that area. The system is based on pre-set options designed to meet differing comfort needs throughout a day. The ultra-flat touch screen doubles up as a video intercom, showing images of what is going on inside and outside the building. The flat was divided into four different sound zones so a Vimar sound system could be installed, with speakers hidden behind the walls. This means different music can be playing in just about every room. The system works with the radio, iPod, a CD player and has Bluetooth. Touch screen and control devices match the diamond white plates from Vimar’s Eikon Evo range and were specifically chosen to provide an aesthetic complement to the architectural style.

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