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Precioustone by Antolini

Precioustone by Antolini
By Editorial Staff -
Precioustone Collection is distinguished by an original composition and combination of the selected materials. 100 out of the most sought-after gems, which are usually chosen to create jewels or ornamental items, become the protagonists of surfaces that are characterized by the extreme richness of details as well as by the high ornamental content. Thanks to the innovative processes Antolini works natural stone with, the preciousness of gems and the magic of iridescent elements are melt all in one in order to reproduce unique materials with unusual applications such as tops of tables, coverings and ornaments for walls, that give style and class to each place where they are the protagonists. Several slabs of Precioustone Collection, given their translucence, are fit for being used with back lightening, determining very suggestive and original chromatic and iconographic effects.

Preciousgold: The ageless charm of gold in powder gives a thousand of reflections to these age-old stones.
Preciousglitter: it is a success of colors in iridescence – from red to blue, from lilac to green up to cobalt-blue: endless chances to make any ornamental effect to emphasize designer’s and architects’ creativity.
Preciousilver: the class of silver, for an almost intangible elegance, melts with thousands of colors of stones it matches with. It is a distinguishing style with no excesses.
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