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Prata Living Concept

Environmentally Friendly Revitalization

RPBW | CPU Urbanists and Architects

Prata Living Concept
By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

Designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop in partnership with CPU Urbanists and Architects, the Prata Living Concept complex rises on the banks of the Tagus river, to the north of Lisbon between the Alfama and Parque das Nações districts. It is the most significant and ambitious architectural and urban development project in recent years in these parts. The original site was home to the Braço de Prata plant, and the design draws elements from this history, such as the grid-like arrangement of buildings placed perpendicular to the river. At the same time, the new project introduces a series of side streets and a new road running parallel to the river that is the backbone of the development and a hub for shops, pedestrian precincts and public transport routes. The entire project encompasses
12 buildings for a total of 499 luxury apartments, about 7,000 sq. m of service areas and offices, and over 19,000 sq. m of retail space that will host about 2,500 users and bring renewed life to this area. The buildings have a rather simple, traditional street-facing façade, with a complex, articulate composition facing the internal courtyard.

Mapei played a critical part in the project as it supplied a number of different solutions, including an exterior insulation finishing system called Mapetherm System, which has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that documents the environmental impact of a product across its life cycle as measured using the standardized Life Cycle Assessment methodology. This specific system was chosen because of the combination it provides of aesthetics and durability, while also contributing to the energy savings, living comfort and environmental sustainability goals set out in the design brief.


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