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Edited By Redazione The Plan - 1 October 2012

The new headquarters of the Pragma group from Friuli stand a few kilometres outside central Udine in a revamped old industrial complex. The three storeys of offices are all open plan, with the dominant features being white walls, grey floors and metal girders, although these elements are offset by design furnishings and sections of coloured walls. The intent is to mirror the concept of work as dynamic, providing areas to debate and relax that are not hemmed in by predefined schemes. In such a large space where partition walls are non-existent, the choice of what to include needs to be on the button to avoid waste and insignificance. One of the responses to this necessity was to install Vimar’s By-me automation system so that all the lighting, air conditioning and other automated processes could be controlled from a single point. The system was divided into three zones - one for each storey - with a scenario adopted for each one that regulates the use of lighting and the temperature so as to provide the necessary comfort in the working areas.
The use of Vimar’s E-way emergency lights helps ensure safety, while also bringing a combination of elegance, linearity and the high-performance guaranteed by LED technology. The electric installation is integrated into the Netsafe Cat. 6 cabling - another Vimar product - to allow easy and precise data transmission both inside and outside the building. The automation system is controlled by a touchscreen near the entrance and since the devices are in themselves elegant, they come to form part of the interior furnishings. Indeed, the use of devices from the Plana line by Matteo Thun, in Reflex snow white, offers an refined, simple addition to the numerous design pieces used to furnished these offices.


Viale Vicenza, 14
I - 36063 Marostica (VI)
Tel. +39 0424 488600
Fax +39 0424 488188