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Ponte Megyeri
By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

The Megyeri Bridge carries the Budapest ring-road across the Danube between Buda and Pest - the western and eastern parts of the Hungarian capital. Officially opened to traffic at the end of September 2008, the bridge is 1862 metres long in all and actually formed of five bridges. The main span is a steel one 600 m long; another, likewise of steel, is 332 m long spanning the river from Szentendre island; a third between them (560 m) crosses the island flood zone. These three sections join up with two reinforced concrete bridges (each 200 m long) on the left and right banks of the Danube.
The steel structure of the main bridge is anchored by slanting cables to 100 metre-high concrete pylons. As the bridge was built with winter coming on, the problem of setting times affected the question of the cement mix. The choice fell on Mapei’s Dynamon SR3 fluidifier; this was used for the pylons of the stay-anchored suspension bridge and the bridge-beams on the flanking bridges. The concrete was repaired where necessary with Mapefer 1K and Mapegrout Tissotropico and finished using Mapefinish. For the reinforced concrete structure of the flanking bridges, the painted surfaces - largely the sides and bottom of the bridge-beams - employed Elastocolor Primer and Elastocolor Paint. The small connecting bridges used: Mapelastic BV3, Mapefloor H 02 (both products designed for the Hungarian market) and Mapecoat BS 1.


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