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Plug&Go system by JUNG


Edited By Redazione The Plan - 1 February 2019

Whenever repetitive jobs crop up in interior design projects like hotels or other commercial buildings, standardization makes things easier. That also goes for electrical installations. And it is made possible by Plug & Go, a new installation system based on ready-to-assemble elements that JUNG and Wieland are jointly offering. The concept of preassembly is on the advance when it comes to realizing buildings, and the innovative system by Jung and Wieland means it can be easily applied to electrical installation tasks. JUNG configures flush wall boxes with a variety of components and wires them. Wieland provides the plugs, distributors and supply cables for the basic installation. With Plug & Go everything is prepared in such a way that fitters on site only need to plug the unit in – drilling is no longer necessary. All components are prefabricated and 100% inspected. Thanks to this plug concept, assembly times are up to 70% shorter, while mechanical and color coding reduce the error rate. Although the material costs are higher than for customary installations, the overall costs are roughly 30% lower, and that with high quality of execution. This highly flexible system is not only an excellent choice for new installations, but also for retrofits or alteration work; indeed, Plug & Go means modifications can be made at any time and as needed. Plug & Go considerably facilitates the work of electricians at building sites while also making it fast and safe. Moreover, architects and investors have precisely the planning security so essential to complicated construction projects – procedures are more predictable as deadlines and costs can be reliably calculated. The new preassembled system is employed primarily in office and administration buildings, hotels, hospitals, stores and schools. Once concepts and structures have been developed, they can be easily transferred to similar building types.

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