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Industrial-Look Technological, Antibacterial Tiles

Plaza Collection
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Like it or not, concrete is the defining material of 20th-century architecture. Having begun life as purely a structural material, it came to be left exposed and, in this, it mutated into a symbol of avant-garde design. Today, it has taken a step further to become an aesthetic, decorative element. 
A dominant trend is to recover those materials once only found in factories and foreground them in contemporary interior designs. Such thinking was the driving force for Marazzi developing the Plaza collection of porcelain stoneware floor tiles. Reproducing the effect of industrial concrete, it marries ease of maintenance with that characteristic elegance of tiles. 
This new Marazzi collection comes in four colors in which soft and stone-like tones are dominant: white, grey, beige and multicolor. Three variations are also available for wall tiles, with a range of motifs. 
Inherently versatile, Plaza tiles can be used to produce seamless indoor and outdoor spaces, and are also an excellent choice for residential or business solutions. The StepWise technology provides exceptional non-slip performance, but the smooth tiles remain characteristically easy to clean. 
In this era of the pandemic, Marazzi has placed enormous emphasis on helping protect its customers’ health. For example, the development of Puro is emblematic of this focus on hygiene and anti-microbial protection. This is a new antibacterial technology for ceramic surfaces that can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful germs, stopping them from spreading and also avoiding nasty stains or irritating odors. Meeting stringent international standards, Puro is an antibacterial system based on an advanced treatment of silver ions incorporated into the tiles during manufacturing. 
This process ensures active, permanent protection of all surfaces, under any conditions, including in the absence of UV rays from direct sunlight. In keeping with the green transition sweeping through the main European industries, the new collection by Marazzi is environmentally-friendly, particularly because 40% of the materials are recycled. 
In short, Plaza is a high performing, environmentally-friendly collection in which contemporary design provides options for a broad array of demands. 

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