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Plano and Reverse by Cesana

Plano and Reverse by Cesana
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In bathroom design two factors are paramount: limitations of elbowroom - it is often a cramped space - and changing fashions - in recent years the bathroom has tended to turn into a comport/pleasure area. So shower enclosures are still in great demand, but the bathtub keeps its appeal as a much-needed treat when one has time to unwind completely and not just attend to hygiene.
Plano, designed by Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo for Cesana, is a shower enclosure distinguished by its combination of stainless steel and pral, an acrylic material that is both hard-wearing and versatile. The stainless steel shower tray is set into the floor so that the shower mat is flush with the bathroom floor.
The rectangular bathtub Reverse is designed by Piet Billekens to be fitted with its own shower partition and become a roomy bath and shower, maximum two-way comfort. The tub is in acrylic resin, niche version or corner version, and two sizes: 70x170 cm and 80x180 cm. The panel on front and side comes as a single piece. A comfortable wooden seat that slides and folds will form a handy rack for objects when the shower corner is in action. Like other models in the Suite series, Reverse can be fitted up with a choice of 6 Cesana hydromassage systems: water, air and the two together. The shower partition is in clear 8 mm glass for toughness and lightness. The longer side swings 180° and has a chrome-finish brass handle-cum-towel peg.

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