Planibel Clearvision - Extra clear glass for architecture
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Planibel Clearvision - Extra clear glass for architecture

Planibel Clearvision - Extra clear glass  for architecture
By Editorial Staff -
AGC Flat Glass has participated in the project

Natural light is ever more important in contemporary architecture. As such, AGC has come up with Planibel Clearvision, an extra clear glass with Cradle to Cradle certification that has a 92% light transmission rating and excellent colour rendering. The result is a completely neutral look, regardless of width. In addition, Planibel Clearvision has a low iron content and this purity helps to drastically reduce energy absorption (12 mm Clear AE 21% - 12 mm Clearvision AE 4%) and breakage due to stress or temperature changes.
Planibel Clearvision can be toughened, enamelled, screen printed, sandblasted and curved, providing versatility that means it can be adapted to practically all design needs - furnishing, architecture, solar - regardless of the scale.
The glass is ideal for use in furniture, doors and partitions, but it is also excellent for windows, façades and suspended-glass structures. Even if the glass needs to be extremely thick to ensure resistance, Clearvision offers top-class transparency and neutrality.
Finally, Planibel Clearvision also scores very highly in the transmission of energy and the wavelengths used by solar panels, making it a superb option for photovoltaic panels, thermal panels and solar mirrors.
Planibel Clearvision also comes in a safety version (Stratobel Clearvision) and in a safety version with acoustic insulation (Stratophone Clearvision).


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