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Pipedo Direct di Buzzi & Buzzi

Pipedo Direct di Buzzi & Buzzi
By Redazione The Plan -
Coral® is an innovative material made from natural minerals and aggregates that make it extremely resistant to high temperatures and thermal shocks and result in surfaces that are smooth-to-the-touch, but at the same time shock and scratch proof.
Unruined with time, Coral® can also be decorated with any type of paint, water or synthetic, thus being able to adapt to the taste and needs of the designer. It is an environmentally friendly product, compliant with concept of green architecture and is also inert and therefore completely non-allergenic. It consists of non-toxic mineral elements which, even in case of fire, do not emit harmful fumes. Its properties also make it dust-repellent consequently Coral® products do not require any specific maintenance. The Coral® products are certified according to CE, GOST, REACH regulations and respect the highest quality standards of the market.

Typical application areas
Pipedo Direct, as all the Pipedo family, is suitable for both private and public buildings.

Tecnichal Characteristics
Sources used: Fluorescent lightbulbs
Certification: CE – GOST - REACH
Insulation class: Class I IP: IP40
Dimensions : W x H x D: 490 x 100 x 130

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