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Pillart by Eiffelgres

Pillart by Eiffelgres
By Editorial Staff -
This collection, which seeks a new form of expression by reinterpreting a natural stone, Pillarguri, is directly linked to the earlier ones by the fact that it clearly draws inspiration from the world of art.
It is an idea that makes use of all its expressive potential to offer quality indoor and outdoor floor and wall tiles skilfully combining technology with craftsmanship.
With Pillart, Eiffelgres wishes to express and fine tune its ability to customise a design using contrasts.
The Pillart collection essentially includes two colours: Negative and Positive (white and black), the colours underlying the expression of visual theory and the analytic expression of thought. With Pillart, Eiffelgres has chosen to veer the hues of white and black towards two hues of grey, one dark and the other light, while maintaining a clear visual contrast.
Two finishes are available: Naturale and Aspera.
Aspera is a very rough surface for use outdoors and wherever a high friction coefficient is required. Both surface finishes are suitable for either floors or walls, indoors our outdoors, in homes, places of business or public facilities.

The tiles in the Pillart collection are available in 90x90, 90x45, 90x60, 90x30, 90x15, 60x60, 60x30 and 30x30 cm, or as strips measuring 15x60, 10x60 and 5x60. There are also a number of forms of customisation available: inserts, laser engravings, water-jet cutting, strips and decorative pieces on mesh backing including Mosaico, Mattoncino, Quadrotta Sfalsata and Drop.
The whole range is produced in tiles 11 mm thick, squared-off and ground.

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