Piazza Leona Štuklja
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Piazza Leona Štuklja

Piazza Leona Štuklja
By Editorial Staff -

Slovenia’s second largest city, Maribor, lies a few dozen kilometres from the Austrian border. It combines the richness of the surrounding nature with the beauty of its old centre, characterised by elegant Hapsburg-era buildings. The new Piazza Leona Štuklja lies a short distance from the old market square and was recently revamped with the laying of new granite block and slab paving. The work was done using Mapei products. The thick bed mortar selected was Mapestone TFB 60, while the grouting was done with Mapestone PFS 2. Both these pre-blended mortars are in exposure class XF4 and highly resistant to de-icing salt and freeze-thaw cycles, bringing durability to architectonic stone paving. Since the Mapestone range is extremely strong and can absorb the compression stress caused by heavy vehicles, it helps prevent the formation of ditches and depressions that could be dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. Mapeflex PU 45 and Mapefoam cord were used to seal the joints. Primer AS was also used as this is ideal when, after sealing, the flooring will frequently come into contact with liquids or significant compression stress.


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