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Photovoltaic by Seves Glassblock

Photovoltaic by Seves Glassblock
By Editorial Staff -
Once again Seves Glassblock reaffirms its tremendous attention to environmental issues and towards a sustainable future in full respect of the environment, man and future generations.
And it is this environmentally friendly ethical code that led the company to develop and create Photovoltaic, the new glass brick for outdoor use that is carriageable, luminous, only needs low voltage to work and is powered via solar energy thanks to the introduction of a tiny photovoltaic panel that stores solar light during the day and returns it at night.
Energy is gathered in the lithium battery that feeds the LED lights which sense the right time to light up automatically thanks to a crepuscular sensor.
Thanks to this technology, the glass brick, a material that is eco-sustainable, is enhanced to become the most environmentally friendly finishing for architecture that is becoming increasingly “green oriented”. Photovoltaic has been designed to create a suffused light in the outdoors, for courtesy light and luminous pathways for personalised and alluring light motifs.
Photovoltaic is the perfect choice for commercial, public and residential areas such as pedestrian paths, pavements, balconies, patios, gardens as for any outdoor wall and panel.
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