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Phoenix, T-Loop, T-Zone

Essential Forms and Advanced Technology

Phoenix, T-Loop, T-Zone
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Pratic F.lli Orioli has participated in the project

Minimalist design and cutting-edge technological solutions define Phoenix, T-Loop and T-Zone, the latest creations from Pratic that are designed to integrate seamlessly and perfectly in the surrounding nature and buildings.

Made with 10x15 cm profiles, the Phoenix pergola with a retractable flat PVC covering offers protection from the sun and light rain. As the design minimizes visual impact, it is ideal for almost any setting. It is available in the Phoenix Air (with arches) and Phoenix Free (with uprights) versions – either free-standing or wall-mounted.

Pergola Phoenix Free courtesy Pratic

The Air model can cover a surface of up to 5x10 m per individual module. The Set platform can be installed anywhere, even on sloping or uneven ground, and can be customized with any kind of outdoor flooring. The pergola can be supplied with electrical and USB sockets, and an LED lighting system can be mounted on the joists of the covering, or on the lower perimeter of the platforms. New Step Light spotlights can be installed on the uprights. The wide range of available colors and the choice of fabrics make extensive customization possible.

T-Loop is the first drop-down awning from Pratic with the box fully integrated into the window architecture. As the rail guides with side Zip block and electrical components are also concealed in the wall, only the fabric (when open) and lower profile are actually visible. This solution can be adopted for new builds or renovations, covering spaces up to 15 sq. m. The T-Loop box is available in three sizes and can be customized with over 30 certified colors and dimmable white LEDs that can be switched on at night when the awning is lowered so that it screens the view from the outside when the lights are on inside. Fabric tension is guaranteed by the Power Spring traction system, helping achieve class 4 wind resistance. The technical fabrics are designed to absorb the heat of UV rays, which means T-Loop optimizes natural lighting and cooling.

Tenda verticale con incasso a scomparsa T-Loop courtesy Pratic

Phoenix and T-Loop can be automated using remotely-controlled home automation systems or voice commands, and weather sensors can also be added.

Pratic designed T-Zone, a drop-down awning, to screen glazed surfaces and outdoor spaces. It consists of an aluminum box, comes in different colors from the Pratic palette and is available in 2 sizes, for solutions of up to 15 sq. m. A sliding system of side Zips and the Power Spring System keep the awning firmly in place, without any bagging or sagging. It can be operated manually or remotely, using either a remote control or voice commands. There is the option to add dimmable white LEDs that are fully embedded in the box and controlled using the same system as for the awnings. In addition to providing lighting, this ensures total privacy indoors, in combination with the technical fabrics.


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