Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy
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Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy

Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy
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Mapei has participated in the project

The remediation of the main façades of Palazzo Venier, the patrician building that hosts Venice’s Peggy Guggenheim Collection, is part of a wider rejuvenation project for the whole urban quarter.  Work also includes a new museum entrance, more exhibition space, upgrading and rationalizing the museum’s plant and equipment and laying out new staff and visitor circulation routes.  Mapei provided the materials and technical assistance for restoration of the masonry and plaster badly damaged by the elements, salt sea air, mould and vegetation, and the simple passage of time. The white limestone slabs forming the façade overlooking the Grand Canal and the Istrian stone of the terrace balustrade were thoroughly cleaned, and the ivy, algae and moulds that partly covered them removed. Repointing work was then carried out. The recent plaster rendering on the right side of the façade was cleaned and smoothed while the marmorino plaster below the terrace was given mildew and pesticide treatment and washed. The limestone mortar was then repointed, sealed and painted. The rear façades, where the entrance to the museum collection and shop is located, were severely deteriorated with widespread encrusted bloom of the original plaster. Efforescence was removed, spalled masonry repaired and the whole surface thoroughly cleaned. After that, a layer of mortar was applied and painted using two shades very close to the original colour.


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