Panton Chair: Happy Birthday
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Panton Chair: Happy Birthday

Panton Chair: Happy Birthday
By Editorial Staff -
VitrA has participated in the project

Designed in 1959-60 and produced by Vitra from 1967, the Panton Chair is celebrating its 50th year. In this period there have been many changes in the materials and production technology employed. The first models in fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin gave way to rigid polyurethane foam and then injection-moulded Luran S. Today the Panton Chair is made of entirely recyclable injection-moulded polypropylene. It is also the most economical version ever made. 2006 saw the release of the Panton Junior, a scaled down version for kids. It was an immediate success for its simplicity of form, colour range and not least, for the way it gets included in play and games. In fact children featured largely in the celebrations to mark the Panton Chair’s 50th birthday. Pupils in classes I to IX at Monza’s International School set their minds to creating eco-sustainable chairs. Using their imagination and a range of recycled materials like juta, papier mâché, fabrics, yogurt pots, rice, pieces of mirror, toys, newspaper, aluminium foil, plastic bags, corks, even cds, they developed their Green Panton collection. The chairs will be auctioned in December and the proceeds will go to AfricaBougou, a non-profit organisation founded in 2006 to help rural villages in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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