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Acoustics and Partition Technology

Palazzo Pola
By Editorial Staff -
GEMINO SYSTEM has participated in the project

Following a recent regeneration project, several new offices were created in the wonderful setting of Palazzo Pola, the former headquarters of the Bank of Italy in Treviso. Gemino System played a fundamental dual role in this, finding spaces for its new Italian offices and acting as a supplier for Generali Group, Currie & Brown and Manzato Music Institute, which are all housed in the building. 

Sculptures by Maria Cristina Barbon, photography courtesy of Gemino

Gemino System products were not only used in the offices of its new corporate headquarters and the work spaces for the other companies mentioned above, but also for the music school. For the latter specifically, a partition system with double-glazed doors integrated into the suspended ceilings, complete with lighting and soundproofed walls with special wooden slats, was installed to ensure perfect sound insulation and sound absorption in the classrooms. One of the great advantages of this system is that natural light filters in through the large windows, while the aluminum profiles of the partitions elegantly frame the space and maximize sound insulation.

Sculptures by Maria Cristina Barbon, photography courtesy of Gemino

High-performance solutions were also used in Gemino’s offices and showrooms, both for the partitions – visually integrated into the dropped ceiling and floor, only semi-integrated in the dropped ceiling or with the contact area visible – and for the doors, which are sliding, frameless, single or double glazed. In addition, the use of lighting and technological accessories – such as diffused spotlights and LED lights, cameras, pads used for reserving rooms and socket spaces for plugs and other technical connections – shows the company’s ability to reorganize its spaces efficiently and to integrate systems into the partitions. 

The acoustic and technical performance of all the products proved essential in the success of the project, helping to optimize well-being for all workers, but also faculty members and students of the Manzato Music Institute. 

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