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Paddock - A ‘wonky’ divan

Paddock - A ‘wonky’ divan
By Editorial Staff -
Paolo Castelli Spa has participated in the project

At the last Milan Furniture Salon there was a preview for Paddock, the divan designed by Michele De Lucchi and Davide Angeli. This is the latest outcome of an ongoing collaboration between Domodinamica and De Lucchi, a joint venture that has gone on for years, feeding on ideas and challenges in a constant quest for aesthetic innovation. The concept behind the divan is a paddock, literally, though the structure seems to be rebelling against straight-sidedness. The posts lean out of true, the cross bars forming the back and arm-rests are consequently askew. This demanded extra skill for the craftsmen to achieve. Each part was obtained from turning 8 x 8cm spars worked down to 3.7cm section “rotated” profiles. Another construction point is the absence of screws: it all fits together by joints. A spare, clean artefact, therefore, to a design that is actually complex and recherché. The divan structure, and the armchair that completes this Paddock concept, is in solid Italian walnut; the cushions are polyurethane and down, covered in full grain cow’s leather or braced natural fabric. The divan is 198cm long and 80cm wide; the armchair is 100 x 80cm.


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