Overall Winners THE PLAN AWARD 2020
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Overall Winners THE PLAN AWARD 2020

Overall Winners THE PLAN AWARD 2020

We are proud to announce the Overall winning projects of THE PLAN AWARD 2020, the final event of the #Perspective2020 -  International Architecture Forum, in the wonderful location of Venice Lido.


RCF Arena Reggio Emilia
Iotti + Pavarani Architetti, Tassoni & Partners e Lauro Sacchetti Associati


Extending over more than 20 ha, the project has put a decommissioned section of an airport to adaptive reuse, creating a facility for large open-air live events hosting up to 100,000 people. The project stood out from others for its ability not only to create a venue for large public gatherings but also for doing so in a highly sustainable way. Keeping within the perimeter of the brownfield site, the new facility has given the community a new landmark: an architecture offering major economic and tourism opportunities in an admirably landscaped setting. This new infrastructure is easily accessible, linked to the high-speed railway system, close to the city, and seamlessly integrated into the network of peripheral green areas that together are a major feature of territorial consistency.


MLK1101 Supportive Housing for Previously Homeless Individuals
Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA)

"The unanimous choice of the Jury, the 26-unit apartment building provides permanent, affordable housing to formerly homeless veterans, chronically homeless individuals and low-income households. Designed to LEED Gold standards, the 3,159-square meter structure is clad in white metal panels and painted cement boards. It actively engages its site on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South Los Angeles. A partial green roof over a community room for residents angles down to the street and open stairs invite users up to a plaza level courtyard. The architect recalls “Historically, LA has not recognized the street as a public realm. It doesn’t embrace the idea of public green space.” Sidewalk level retail space in the project is intended to help residents find gainful employment. In a city plagued by homelessness and economic disparities, the architects create a signal of hope less than a kilometer from the iconic Los Angeles Coliseum which will once again host the Olympic Games in 2028". 
Text by Philip Jodidio


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