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A sheltered outdoor space makes a whole house more livable, acting as a filter and making the relationship with "outside" something to be enjoyed for practically the entire year, protected from the sun, wind or rain. A well-designed exterior space adds not only to the volume of a building, but also the interior quality of a home, an office, a shop, a restaurant or any other building. For almost 40 years, Corradi has worked in-step with designers in the creation of made-to-measure outdoor solutions for any project, bringing a minimal, elegant and essential style. Corradi design merges practicality with aesthetics in an endless search for the ideal balance with the surrounds. Technical details are also vital in achieving the user wellness that stems from an outdoor space becoming a livable space. Looking back at the company's history, a milestone was the 1998 Pergotenda® patent for a retractable covering system, which has continued to be improved over the years, using innovative materials, cutting-edge technologies and top-quality design. For example, one development was Pergotenda® Move, which made it onto the ADI Design Index in 2012 and was a finalist in the 23rd edition of the Compasso d’Oro international design award. In addition to Pergotenda®, Corradi has a bioclimatic range of pergolas that, once again merging technology and design, produce outdoor spaces (free-standing or against a wall) that can offer privacy and protection from the weather, with a range of accessories selected according to use. Alba is one of the newest additions to this range, with aluminum blades that can be oriented up to 150° using a remote control to get the perfect balance of light and air. The upper cover is water resistant and the gutter system integrated into the pillars allows any rainwater to run off safely. The linear, essential nature of Alba makes it fit in almost any architectural style. Plus, it is also extremely versatile, as it can be mounted as self-standing, wall-mounted or integrated into an existing structure. The final touch could be the Ermetika® vertical closure system, which offers additional protection and LED lights in the blades.




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