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OutBox-InBox by Il Fanale Group

OutBox-InBox by Il Fanale Group
By Editorial Staff -
, pure and surface decoration-free shapes, according to the style of designer Christian Piccolo who endorses the study of space options offered by pure shapes.
An architectural, precise and strong sign, that clearly contrasts the natural-organic conformations of landscapes. The peculiar inclined shape of the lamps wants to guarantee optimal illumination through the light beam turned downwards.
The collection is available in two different sizes h 34,4cm x larg cm 41,6 or h cm 49,9xcm47,8 and in different finishes: from rusty to lacquered. The luminous sources can be fluorescent and LED.

Technical Features
Materials and finishing: : Iron cor-ten, iron cor-ten painted in different colours and plexiglass
Type of lighting: fluorescence or LED
Sizes: h 34,4cmxcm 41,6 or h cm49,9Xcm 47,8 cm

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