Othello Zenith by Ridea
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Othello Zenith by Ridea

Othello Zenith by Ridea
By Redazione The Plan -
Ridea’s unique patented production system is based on a brand-new technological concept to give life to a design with no limits in terms of shape, size or choice of finish, in this manner, every customer can choose from countless variants and can invent, personalize, or even design from scratch, every single creation, transforming it into a piece that is truly “made-to-measure”. Then each piece is numbered and is issued a certificate attesting its uniqueness and authenticity.
In terms of thermal efficiency, Ridea radiators ensure maximum heat yield (certified by the Energetics Department of the Politecnico di Milano), and save a considerable amount of energy, thanks to an extremely reduced water content and low thermal inertia. Their efficiency is guaranteed even at low temperatures, e.g., when used in conjunction with condensing boilers or solar panels.
Ridea radiators are friendly to the environment: entirely made of recyclable materials (aluminium and copper), they are coated with ecological paint.

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