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Oreste & Emma Warmth and Colour

Oreste & Emma Warmth and Colour
By Editorial Staff -

These sleek, minimalist, life-sized silhouettes are Oreste & Emma, a pair of flat-surfaced radiators designed by Andrea Crosetta.
Designed for the bathroom where they can double as bathrobe warmers, they also fit perfectly into other environments like restaurants or cafés.
The idea of the human form is not new. There have been several previous models. This time, however, the outline is more contemporary and a real move away from the classic tubular radiator. Their flat surface is more practical and offers a larger radiant surface area, in line with the latest technical developments.
Made of stainless steel plate, Oreste & Emma are 172 cm tall and 34 cm wide. They come in a wide colour range like other Antrax IT radiators, and are available as water or electric elements with a heat capacity of up to 400 Watts.

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