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Opera e Vision - Outdoor Comfort

Opera e Vision - Outdoor Comfort
By Editorial Staff -

Since 1960, Pratic has designed and created awnings and outdoor solutions, including traditional window awnings, extensible canopies, pergolas and stand-alone structures.
Research and innovative style go hand in hand in the search for efficient products suited to all settings where comfortable outdoor space and protection from the elements are the order of the day.
Opera and Vision are the latest additions to the collection, ideal for both private and public use, especially in the hospitality industry. These pergolas offer real comfort, providing good light, comfortable temperatures and natural ventilation. Opera is a simple stand-alone aluminium structure with a canopy of sunscreen louvers that can rotate up to 140° to regulate air flow and light levels. The vertical awnings are inside horizontal beams, allowing a veranda to be completely closed off to ensure privacy and optimal temperatures. If it rains, the canopy louvers can be closed completed, as the rain is drained off along the perimeter and the downpipes embedded in the structure.
Vision has the same features as Opera, but comes in three versions: stand-alone, against the wall or embedded in pre-existing buildings.
Both have optional features, such as LED lighting, heating, rain and temperature sensors, and remote control activation with customized settings.


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