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Onto - stylish versatility

Onto - stylish versatility
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The conjunction of wood and ceramics has given rise to Onto, the new bathroom series by which Matteo Thun brings a simple new interpretation to the washbasin concept. The Onto console is not a supporting structure but is itself held up by the washbasin which it enfolds leaving only the basin visible and highlighting the subtle markings of the various finishes: European oak, dark chestnut, matt white or matt basalt.
Door and drawer fronts, hanging consoles and supporting consoles are of a wooden ply treated with a mixture of oil and wax which saturates the fibres and gives the perfect waterproofing against bathroom moisture. Designed for the home, hotels or public facilities, Onto ranges from washbasins to illuminated mirrors, bathtubs and low units: 16 different furniture types in all. For hotel bathrooms they have created a drawer and shelf unit with a padded top.
A floor-standing, pillar-shaped vanity unit has been specially designed for the public and semi-public sector. Among the range of bathtubs there is a ‘flat’ version, only 34 cm deep so it can also be stepped into as a shower tray, and a ‘compact’ model measuring 140 x 80 cm and 56 cm deep - ideal as a feature inside the bedroom itself. Between these extremes are standard bathtubs of the built-in or panelled kind. Onto is exceptional for its versatility; it is easy to install, maintain and keep clean. Anyone planning a layout will also find the furniture configurator, available on the “pro.duravit.com” and “onto.duravit.com” portals, of great assistance.


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