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Onto by Duravit
By Redazione The Plan -
The ceramic is no longer placed on the console in the traditional way but, instead, the washbasin, either rectangular or round, becomes the support for the console, which features a gentle downward sweep at the front and clads the basin in a smooth curve. This creates a new, dynamic character that also ensures quick and easy assembly thereby reducing installation costs. This is exactly the intention of its designer, Matteo Thun. He believes that cost engineering defines the aesthetics of the 21st century. He is a clear champion of the beauty of economy.

The popularity of wood Wood
is the most important and popular feature of the range. Consoles and the fronts of tall cabinets, low cabinets and vanity units are all made of plywood. The sandwich-like structure of the wood remains visible at the edges and thus highlights the natural appeal of the material. At the same time, the bonded layers prevent warping and are thus ideal for the bathroom. In addition, the edges are oiled. This mixture of oil and wax saturates the fibres of the wood to prevent them from absorbing water. As a result, Onto furniture is well equipped for the bathroom, not just in terms of its visual appeal but also its practicality.

Different furniture types for hotel and private bathrooms
The consoles – in variable sizes – feature openings for towels in the panels or front surface. Illuminated mirrors and low units add the finishing touch to the washing area. An upholstered drawer unit offers additional sitting comfort and is particularly suitable for the hotel sector. A tall cabinet completes the range for the private sector. There is also a floor-standing, pillar-shaped vanity unit with a round washbasin, which is ideal for public and semi-public areas. There are a total of 16 different types of furniture to choose from. However, they are not just there to boost the popularity ratings, rather they also inject colour into the room. Whether European oak or dark chestnut, matt white or matt basalt, each of the four colours in the range has a unifying role. The bathtubs can be panelled in the same colour. This creates a harmonious overall concept that includes and brings together all areas in the room.

‘Standard’ to ‘extreme’ bathtubs
With a well thought-out combination of standard and ‘extreme’ bathtubs, the range offers solutions for a wide variety of different requirements in the bathroom. The one extreme is “flat” and is a particularly low bathtub. With an inside depth of 34 cm, even children and people with restricted mobility can step comfortably into the bathtub. At the same time, its surface area is large enough to enjoy a pleasant shower - a solution that makes it particularly suitable for business hotels. The other extreme is “compact”, which has dimensions of just 140x80 cm and a depth of 56 cm. Despite its compact dimensions, the bathtub, inspired by Japanese deep-soaking bathtubs, enables complete immersion of the bather in hot water – an application that is predestined for 4-star hotels where the bathtub is no longer in the bathroom but a highlight in the centre of the hotel room. The gap between the two extremes is filled by standard-size bathtubs, which are available either as built-in versions or with panelling. The panelling is available in either a standard or a conical format.

Great neutrality of style
Onto couldn’t be more straightforward and is easy to understand, easy to plan, easy to install and also easy to clean and keep clean. Properties that are appreciated not only in the private sector but, above all, in the project business, where every minute spent cleaning counts. “Clean is beautiful”, the designer once said. Onto combines all of these properties with longevity of design and attaches great importance to neutrality of style. As a result, “Onto” is not loud but understated. Matteo Thun: “You could almost say that they are individual components rather than a range – they have a high design claim but no use-by date.”
To provide professionals with particular support, Duravit has developed its own furniture configurator, which is integrated into the “pro.duravit.de” service portal. Everything that professionals need to plan sanitary facilities is readily available here.

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