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The collection has been designed to satisfy a transversal demand for style, bring elegance and magic to all surfaces, and enhance contemporary and classic spaces. All this is possible thanks to sophisticated color variations, the elegant use of light and shade, and stunning reflections that bring dynamism to every space, all the while guaranteeing the unbeatable performance that is synonymous with Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware. As the name suggests, the inspiration behind the new range is onyx, a unique material whose DNA is steeped in the extraordinary appeal of precious stones and a magical aura deriving from its intense relationship with light. Onici is the latest collection by Casalgrande Padana, made from high-performance porcelain stoneware and available in the large Kontinua format, which is the perfect way to showcase the stunning coloration, delicate reflections, dynamic tones, and light and shade typically found in natural stone. The collection celebrates excellence, tradition and an understated take on luxury based around quality materials and their aesthetic value, the dynamic relationship between flooring and coverings featuring Onici and the other architectural elements of a space, and the way these tiles interact with its furniture and accessories. The range encompasses six different textures, all of which are inspired by the beauty of quartz, a natural material which forms the basis of onyx. The colors on offer take their lead from classic shades, but put a contemporary spin on these. The glossy finish enhances the appearance of the surfaces, boost ing their shine and creating a timelessly elegant feel, while the impressive properties of the porcelain stoneware provide strength and longevity while ensuring the color remains unchanged. The 6.5 mm thickness and extraordinary lightness of the tiles takes the concept of a ceramic covering to new heights, allowing the gorgeous textures and special finishes of the Onici collection to continue unbroken throughout the space. The large format (up to 120x260 cm) means it is possible to achieve continuity between different spaces and surfaces, while the modularity of the formats is a vital tool for architects and interior designers, who can use the tiles to create integrated solutions for floorings and coverings, technical applications, ventilated façades, bespoke furniture, and worktops in any kind of space. Like all Casalgrande Padana ceramic products, Onici is set to help define the spaces of the future through research and memory, innovation and knowledge, technology and recognition of the past.


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