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The rise of e-commerce has forced physical retail outlets to give new importance to innovative marketing strategies. Founded in Bologna in 1965, FAAC has produced a quite original solution to this issue, in the form of an automatic door. By teaming up with Samsung, FAAC has been able to leverage its experience to produce ON AIR, an automatic door that, through projections of photos and videos on a high-definition display integrated into the door, provides an almost unheard of level of customization for a store to communicate with potential customers. This automatic entrance uses digital signage technology in a reinvented format with Samsung’s MagicINFO 6 software and incorporates the monitors directly into the glazed door. External cameras are used to determine the age and gender of the person coming in, with this information then classified using Samsung’s digital platform. This allows clients to be targeted with specific material shown on screen, based on the profile of the person entering the store. Since the pictures from the video cameras are never recorded, there are no privacy issues. ON AIR can fit into any current architectural environment, both indoors and outdoors, and it was specifically designed to optimize safety and security and ensure the integrated technology has an extensive lifecycle. The doors are available in mirror, transparent and black versions. The bright screens and the anti-UV double glazing ensuring excellent viewing in all light conditions. ON AIR can also be integrated with other FAAC systems, such as the patented Airslide technology, which produces a special air barrier at entrance.
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