Omniasteam - A hammam in a door
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Omniasteam - A hammam in a door

Omniasteam - A hammam in a door
By Editorial Staff -
Effegibi has participated in the project

The project Omniasteam from Effegibi’s Hammam line enables a Turkish bath to be set up in a private home or hotel suite. It can have a space of its own or, more simply, use the shower recess.
Omniasteam consists of an opening glass door that incorporates a full-height extruded aluminium band (19 cm wide and 8 cm deep) inside which fits all the technology to turn a common shower-bath into a professional hammam. The column contains a steam generator and distributor, a ventilated heating system, the hot shower function, a programmable command panel with graphic display, LED RGB operated white light and colour therapy options.
Omniasteam comes in two versions: a door with an 88x198 cm column, or a door-column with fixed glass pane from 145x198 cm. The project combines design, technology and ease of installation. A wall-mounted sub-frame houses all the plumbing and electrical connections. Omniasteam is not just simple to install but extremely versatile. It can be personalized to taste, choosing from a range of shapes and sizes and using tiles and tap series from any manufacturer.


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