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Ombria Resort

Mediterranean Sustainability

Promontorio Architects + WATG

Ombria Resort
By Editorial Staff -
Diasen has participated in the project

Surrounded by hills and cork groves in Portugal’s picturesque Algarve region, Ombria Resort is a luxury complex set on 153 ha of land, designed by Promontorio Architects + WATG, and the result of a contemporary interpretation of Lusitanian building traditions. Currently nearing completion, the Pontos Group’s ambitious investment has already won numerous awards at the European Property Awards and the SIL – Lisbon Real Estate Exhibition. Thanks to the low building density, the use of renewable energy sources, and the selection of products that guarantee excellent technical performance, including Diasen thermal mortars, Ombria has won the award for the best sustainable residential project in Portugal. When completed, the resort will have approximately 380 residential units – including villas and apartments – a five-star hotel, a golf course, and numerous other guest amenities. All this while pursuing cutting-edge innovation in green building and opting for the latest technologies and products.

Ombria Resort Ombria, courtesy Diasen

One of these is Diathonite Thermactive.037, a Diasen-branded cork-based thermal plaster chosen for the exterior envelope of buildings because of its excellent thermal performance. To be applied in thicknesses ranging from 4 to 6 cm, depending on the type and shape of the building, this special plaster provides optimal thermal diffusivity and constitutes an effective, indispensable thermal barrier. It is also easier to apply, helping to speed up on-site work while producing a continuous, seamless envelope on all exterior walls. To achieve the typical pure white of the Mediterranean architecture, the finishing was completed with white and reflective finishes from Diasen. By opting for these solutions, the architects ensured highly breathable walls in these luxurious residences, with a significant impact on indoor air quality and the healthiness of the rooms. 

Ombria Resort Ombria, courtesy Diasen

The technologies used for this first phase of the Ombria Resort and for the upcoming Oriole Village embody an approach to sustainability widely shared by Diasen, whose vision favors “Mediterranean building”, using building systems based on local natural materials such as hydraulic lime, clay, and diatomaceous earth powders.

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