Oltreluce - New glazed surfaces
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Oltreluce - New glazed surfaces

Oltreluce - New glazed surfaces
By Editorial Staff -
AGC Flat Glass has participated in the project

Michele De Lucchi has designed AGC’s Oltreluce collection of decorative patterned glass. The enormous versatility of this material has been fully harnessed, providing designers with a product able to filter minimal light variations, allying extraordinary technical properties with amazing formal and aesthetic effects. Oltreluce comes in three patterns: Waves, Circles and Space. Each is offered in clear, extra-clear and silver versions, opening up numerous ways to express and interpret surfaces. As the name suggests, Waves alternates transparency and opacity in a wavy pattern. It is not completely opaque, allowing one to make out shapes on the other side, producing a warm atmosphere with infinite light reflections. Circles has rough, irregular bubbles that are ever so slightly concave, vaguely replicating the effect of drops stuck on a glazed surface. The degree of transparency alters with the viewing angle. The Space effect is created by using a surface pattern of dots located at various distances and depths. The result is a seemingly creased surface, where fuzzy alternates with unexpected fragments of light. Oltreluce can be used indoors for sliding or fixed partition walls, doors, and furnishings as well as externally for doors, windows and facades. The glass can tempered, laminated or assembled in double-glazing units depending on the model and thickness. In short, Oltreluce offers enormous expressive potential.


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