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Olivia by Globo
By Editorial Staff -
In the shelf basins, the slender line of the profile reduces the overall dimensions on the plane, to allow a more extended use dedicated to all the items we use in the bathroom.
However the family "centerpiece" is the urinal. Perhaps because of its sexist status (for males only, please) or because the other fixtures envy its Dadaist remembrance that winks at Duchamp, the urinal has always occupied the last pages of sanitary company catalogs. It has always been the “after-thought”, the anonymous forgettable walk-on (and in fact it is forgotten) on the contemporary bathroom scene.
Iacchetti explains, “Precisely because of this oblivion, with the support of Globo I intended to give equal dignity to this fixture, which I have always considered likeable”.
Olivia totally capsizes the formal portrayal of this innovative fixture which, from the floor up, uses one sculptural line to encompasses the pot opening. In the past it has been considered the most ignored object of all, but now it is being given value by Globo as an element that differentiates the use of the fixture.
What is more, the urinal is eco-virtuous because it is less thirsty for water than the toilet bowl. Normally used in public bathrooms, if urinals were used more often in the home, we would definitely save water. The ecological commitment deeply felt by Globo is applied to this product, and to the entire collection.
The family is completed by the monolith middle-of-the-room washbasin, another point in favor of this formal innovation; in spite of its clean slender shape it maintains a dialogue with the other elements of the series.

The design approach of Giulio Iacchetti for Olivia benefited from the contributions of the entire staff, from the engineers to the artisans, from the sales team to the marketing directors. They participated in the periodic meetings to contribute to, in the words of the director, “the idea warehouse”.
It is a study of new functions, formal simplicity, technical innovation, care for the environment: these are the basic parameters needed to continue asserting Globo on the stage of international design.

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