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OHF Smart Signage series - Complete system for outdoor displays

OHF Smart Signage series - Complete system for ou
By Editorial Staff -
Samsung has participated in the project

Samsung’s new OHF Smart Signage displays guarantee image quality, resistance, durability and an ability to function in any setting, even adverse weather conditions. The company worked to create an all-in-one solution that was compact, and easy to install and use. The display is thin (only 85 mm) but up to 85” with 2,500 nit high brightness and high contrast ratio (5,000:1) combined with the anti-reflection Magic Glass. This innovative glass has TÜV certification and a sensor to optimize brightness to convey messages perfectly even in direct sunlight. The circular polarizing technology eliminates display blindness caused by polarized sunglasses. The integrated parts include an embedded power box and network hub with Wi-Fi that cuts the need for an additional router. A filter-less advanced cooling system with heat exchanger provides the thermal control needed to operate 24 hours a day in temperatures anywhere between -30°C and 50°C without any external air-conditioning systems. The compactness makes installation simpler and cuts running costs, but it does not compromise on the sharp, linear design and protection against vandalism, accidents and the elements. The tempered Magic Glass has IK10 certified durability and a gap between the glass and the LCD panel that prevents LCD breakage even when the protection glass is broken. To deal with dust and moisture that could damage the signage, the OHF series has a high level of ingress protection (IP56) for the entire display. “This new outdoor digital signage solution for digital communication is an important opportunity for the market,” explained Martino Mombrini, Marketing Manager for the Information Technology division of Samsung Electronics Italia. “Communicating an effective message at the right time is now indispensable for reaching the right audience. The OHF series not only includes the materials and technology needed to function outdoors, but because of MagicInfo - software designed by Samsung to manage content - companies can adopt an all-in-one solution that is ready to go, cutting the need for costly customization and add-ons.” The OHF series will hit the market in the first quarter 2007 in the 46” to 85” versions.

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