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Occhio Sento
By Editorial Staff -
Occhio has participated in the project
Sento LED sets new standards with innovative functions. Sento is the classic of Occhio’s modular body head system .The multifunctional »light tool« is most impressive thanks to its timeless, universal design and versatility. In developing the new Sento LED the smallest detail has been carefully analyzed and optimized, the design minimized and refined.
The focus was always on functionality. So newly developed mechanisms make it even easier to remove a head or insert a lens or filter, for example. Heat management is ensured thanks to a »double hall«, a double ring structure, which enables very high luminous power values despite the relatively small size of the luminaire head.
Thanks to “next generation” LED, Sento offers highest quality of light (CRI 95) with best efficiency. In addition, there is a choice of light colors and the range of lighting effects has been expanded again. Occhio is setting new standards with innovative functions: on request the control of the luminaires takes place touchlessly via infrared sensor.
In addition, a “fading” function is offered for the double-sided version, in which the full luminous power can be distributed continuously upward or downward creating a very special lighting experience.

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