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Nomo, Fusion, Meta - New Generation Structures and Pergolas

Nomo, Fusion, Meta - New Generation Structures and Pergolas
By Editorial Staff -
Pratic F.lli Orioli has participated in the project

Pratic’s Nomo, Fusion and Meta pergolas are characterised by refined lines, comfort and efficiency. They were designed by the company’s internal laboratory - Pratic Concept - by weaving together the specific requirements and innovations that underlie the choice of a pergola. The structure of Nomo is entirely in extruded aluminium, designed to integrate elegantly and lightly into any architectural or environmental setting, whether in a public or private space. 

It can be up to 6 m deep and 5 m wide. The awning is motor-operated, with Zip Raso side closure and complete integration into the frame. Nomo comes in self-standing and wall-mounted versions, with an option to combine multiple modules. 

All options have a sense of accentuated lightness. The final touch is the LED lights around the sides. The Meta and Fusion wall-mounted pergolas also have aluminium frames. Ideal for covering large outdoor areas, the integration of the Raso vertical awnings and the Windy side closures makes these pergolas a year-round option. 

The load-bearing capacity of the Meta structural guides (10x16 cm) makes a maximum depth of 9 m possible; the profiles (6x12 cm) for Fusion allow a maximum depth of 6.5 m. Meta and Fusion also have LED lights integrated into the ribs, ensuring excellent lighting and visual comfort. 


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