Nike Store Barcelona and Madrid, Spain
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Nike Store Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

Nike Store Barcelona and Madrid, Spain
By Redazione The Plan -
Mapei has participated in the project

The newly opened Nike Stores in Madrid and Barcelona add to the list of other recent Nike additions in Milan, in Italy, and Istanbul and Ankara, in Turkey. The common denominator for all of these stores was Mapei providing the products for the floors. The focus for each shop was on excellent mechanical performance combined with aesthetic uniformity.
In Madrid and Barcelona, the substrate was prepared and finished mechanically. In Barcelona, this was done using Primer SN, dusted with Quarzo 1,2, a silica sand that improves the bond with the cladding. The floor was finished with Ultratop self-levelling mortar, in anthracite, and treated with two coatings of Mapecrete Stain Protection to reduce absorption of oily substances and watery solutions. In Madrid, after removing the original substrate, a new layer was created, with new working and expansion joints. Once again, Ultratop was adopted as it ensures a uniform look that can handle heavy use and is abrasion resistant, sought-after properties in such a high footfall area.

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