NFX offices in San Francisco, designed by Studio Plow
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Offices inspired by the era of disco music

A San Francisco-based startup redefines the workplace with out-of-the-box design

Studio Plow

NFX offices in San Francisco, designed by Studio Plow
By Editorial Staff -

A vibrant and colorful office comes to life in the heart of San Francisco, California, where the innovative start-up NFX is reshaping the standards for offices through the interior design. The essence of this space lies in its ability to break conventional thinking, embracing innovation and diversity.

Every detail, from chairs to floor tiles, has been meticulously curated by Studio Plow to create an unique experience that reflects the energy and personalities of the people who work there. The color palette, influenced by the 1970s, reflects joy, fun, and brightness, while the mix of vintage and contemporary pieces creates an eclectic and inspiring atmosphere.

Uffici NFX a San Francisco - Studio Plow © Suzanna Scott, courtesy Studio Plow


Startup Hub: where innovation finds home

Located in the heart of Hayes Valley, this workspace is home to NFX, a venture capital firm investing in pre-seed and seed-stage startups in various industries. The building shell, originally from 1907, consists of a combination of patchwork of materials and renovations that imbue it with character, combining San Francisco's classic brick warehouses with recent earthquake steel retrofitting.

NFX's presence influences the innovative and cutting-edge character of this environment, which, with the contribution of the Plow Studio plays a key role in defining the design of the modern workplace.

The 362 m2 space spans over two levels with a long and narrow layout, featuring windows on two sides and rows of upper-floor skylights that bathe the space in light. The ground floor welcomes guests with spacious and versatile lounge areas, ideal for casual working space or moments of entertainment. As one ventures upstairs, they discover environments more conducive to daily work, with open-plan offices, a communal kitchen, meeting rooms, and areas dedicated to meditation. Every detail has been carefully curated to stimulate creativity and foster a sense of collaboration among those people who work at the office.

Uffici NFX a San Francisco - Studio Plow © Suzanna Scott, courtesy Studio Plow


Workspace inspired by disco

The color palette is inspired by the lively 1970s, with different retro shades harmoniously blending with modern elements. Inspired by the timeless spirit of disco, the furnishings combine colours, soft textures, mirrors, and disco balls, breaking traditional design canons to create an environment where inspiration can thrive.


Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Area: 362 m2
Interior Design: Studio Plow

Photography by Suzanna Scott, courtesy of Studio Plow

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