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SistemB - New Shapes and Colours for Designers

SistemB - New Shapes and Colours for Designers
By Editorial Staff -
Marazzi has participated in the project

Marazzi Tecnica’s high-resistance porcelain stoneware SistemB series was developed as an indoor and outdoor covering solution, for walls or flooring, in the home or heavy-traffic settings like public and commercial buildings. As well as conferring mechanical strength, the innovative Dry-Technology production system involves dry-pigment through-body colouring. Each granule of the raw materials that go into making the tile is pigmented to ensure consistent surface and in-depth colour. As a result, each SistemB tile is coloured through its full depth. The highly reflective minerals contained in the original mix lend a pleasing sheen to the final product that will add to the luminosity of any environment. SistemB comes in 10 graded neutral shades: bianco, avorio, sabbia, corda, grigio chiaro, grigio medio, grigio scuro, tortora, fango, grafite. They can all be mixed and matched with the Marazzi Color Plan. The series is likewise compatible with the various surface textures and formats of other products such as porcelain stoneware, crystallised porcelain stoneware, “double-loading” technical stoneware, and single-fired white-body elements. The wide range of formats – 60x120 to 60x60 and 30x60 to 30x30, plus the mosaic or dot elements – are all rectified, providing specifiers and designers with great freedom of expression and allowing SistemB to slip effortlessly into any architectural setting. SistemB has three different surface finishes in identical shades to cater for covering installations spanning interiors and exteriors: natural and lux or glossy for interiors, and bush-hammered for outdoor paving. SistemB is an innovative design tool. Its versatility means that SistemB tiles can be used either as a refined but unobtrusive backdrop in an architectural setting, or as the striking designer feature of a whole environment.


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