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New Public Transport Terminal

New Public Transport Terminal
By Editorial Staff -
Italferr has participated in the project

The feasibility study for the new public transport terminal in Tirana, Albania’s capital, was designed by Italferr in conjunction with CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Casavola Scamoni and A&B Business Consulting.
The design seeks to make the structure recognisable in the urban surrounds, but also to ensure it integrates into the current and future city fabric. Environmental, economic and social sustainability, and the rationalisation and separation of vehicle and pedestrians lanes are the other keys to the design.
This major hub for public mobility in the city (with an estimated construction cost of € 53.4 million) will cover 85,000 sq m along one of the main roads into the city (Tirana-Durrës motorway). It will be the terminus for all coaches coming from other cities inside and outside of Albania, allowing connections with city buses, taxis and, in the future, a tramline.
A grid layout was adopted for the new terminal, running along north-south and east-west axes that dictate the placement of all the buildings, which are raised on pilotis to leave the bus collection and parking areas free. Arriving travellers are welcomed by glazed spaces that visually link the arrivals and departures area with the interior, a place for resting, getting something to eat or getting ready to catch another mode of transport. The north-south building will link the two transportation poles (urban bus terminal and tramline), mark a key city axis and act as a gangway across the otherwise quite obstructive railway line. Three sides of the property will have large green areas to reduce noise and dust, helping to integrate the terminal into the surrounding area, which is both residential and industrial. The complex itself will stand out as a “light” and formally “clean” architectural model, driving urban regeneration and development.
The new Tirana terminal is not only a modern transport hub, but also an urban pole offering services to cater for a large catchment area. As such, the project has a second optional phase to increase the array of services to include a shopping and cultural centre, a multi-storey parking facility and a complex with offices, a hotel and a conference centre. Since the project is being built in stages, it requires inherent flexibility and this has tended to push building and architectural decisions towards stainless steel load-bearing structures and buildings with clean lines, highlighted by panels made of a compound material that seamlessly embraces the rounded corners. The office and hotel block will be built using stainless steel and glass to create a landmark for the city landscape. It will be on the main road and provide a visual reference point for the terminal’s entrance.

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