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New photovoltaic installation

New photovoltaic installation
By Editorial Staff -
Ondulit has participated in the project

The photovoltaic installation on the shed roofs of CIS - Interporto Campano in the district of Nola, scheduled to begin functioning as of mid 2011, is the largest extent of roof panels in Italy to date. In all it covers over 900,000 sq m, generates some 25 MWp and was mounted by Enel Green Power using Uni-Solar photovoltaic technology. This systems blends completely into the architecture of the hangar roofs. Ondulit has already been involved in the Interport roofing challenge for about ten years and was called in from the earliest stages of this PV project. The excellent result of the whole venture is due to close liaison among all involved and a multi-disciplinary approach every step of the way.
Both Ondulit Enercover product lines contributed to the installation: Enercover Top (which the former energy rating considered fully integrated) and Enercover Base (classified as innovative by the latest energy rating). Enercover Top photovoltaics are on flexible units of thin amorphous silicon film; they can be applied to all kinds of metal roofing, meeting standards of functional separation. Enercover Base is formed of the same laminated photovoltaics applied to a corrugated sheet which functions as both roof cover and as a PV unit.
Enercover Base was installed on already existing sheet metal roofing; Enercover Top on the Ondulit-Coverib roof system which had been chosen for these Interport industrial units.


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