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New ideas for outdoor living

New ideas for outdoor living
By Editorial Staff -
Corradi has participated in the project

An outdoor extension to the home: more and more that is coming to be the approach to the out-of-doors. The same principles apply: a modern space for daily living, making a statement of style and imagination, design blending with cosiness, sophistication with informality.
This is how Corradi views the outdoor world: its design plans extend to roofing, pergolas, awnings and four new lines of outdoor furniture designed by Gianluca Rossi.
The basic idea of the new collections is the home as somewhere that we can see ourselves reflected in, a place where we belong, express our personality, take shelter. The area outside is seen as an integral part of the home, its logical extension, subject to the same rules of identity and sharing, the concrete expression of subjective needs.
The project bends to suit all kinds of environment, creating homely refinement with keen attention to materials, colours and juxtaposition of them.
Foglia is a line harking back to the romantic English garden of the nineteenth century. The designer’s imaginative reconstruction captures the special patterns formed by interlacing leaf surfaces. Aluminium, steel and teak form the structure, but it is softened by dappled light and shade filtering through metal tracery work. Elegantly engulfing cushions in sumptuous upholstery add the finishing touch to a tour de force of form and design.
Versatility and geometrical pattern are the key words with Vinca, an extensive collection lending itself to countless seating compositions. New colours and an original plaitwork texture adorn these armchairs, divans, tables and chairs. Their aluminium structure is coated in Micor; bases are in stainless steel and Durawood - a practical solution guaranteed to last.
Narciso is a simple smart design where lightness is the key feature. See-through material, variety of colour, seating variants in the form of a lounge series and a suite with circular table: this harmonious line combines technology with the warmth of teak. It will suit the ultra-modern or the period setting.
You&Me in stainless steel and Durawood is a line that includes three versatile chair series: they adapt as much to large-scale hospitality as to confined cosy recesses. The total-white version is perfect for a sunny spot where living out of doors is a pleasing ‘must’. Pure lines intersecting in symmetrical geometry make for an original chair series that pack a strong emotive punch.

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