New bathroom concept by Armani / Roca
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New bathroom concept by Armani / Roca

New bathroom concept by Armani / Roca
By Editorial Staff -
Technologically advanced solutions distinguish this bathroom collection – well separated functional areas, tiling, flooring, wall covering, lighting and ceiling finishes all combine to project Giorgio Armani’s style and ethos for the home into the bathroom area. Armani / Roca embodies Giorgio Armani’s unmistakable flair for interpreting the mood of a home, transferring his individual aesthetic values to product development and interior design.
The areas of beauty, wellness and basic necessities have been distinguished to preserve the intimacy of each, yet at the same time the sense of openness is not lost. These different areas are separated, or connected, by means of a sophisticated system of glass partitions encasing metallic material. Their opacity mechanism allows those who prefer greater privacy to control the degree of intimacy in the different areas.
The Armani / Roca bathroom fulfils the strictest criteria of pure design without ever compromising on luxury and sensuality. It achieves this fine balance through the selection of materials, choice of textures and some unexpected pairings. For the first time, the bathroom nucleus is configured as an island with the exquisite touch of the finest porcelain, where the basin, sanitary ware, and bath and shower area are concentrated. This is a modular system in a range of sizes, offered in a dual palette of materials and shades: black with tap fittings in the same shade and ceramic wall tiling in a shagreen effect (a rare and precious material that epitomises the Armani style), and greige, with wall coverings in a reeded texture and fluid colours for the sanitary ware and flooring.
Faucets, where functionality prevails, are reduced to the minimum; the bath, filled with water by an internal shutter, features a system unique to Armani / Casa, inspired by vanishing edge pools and never used in this context before. The system is completed by the jet shower, which performs a traditional and targeted massage.
If desired, the illuminated false ceiling can be fitted with coloured lights for chromotherapy. As a result of the innovative island design, the surrounding walls of the room can be left completely free from major fittings.
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